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Diaper bags have changed a lot over the last decade. They have evolved from huge, unfashionable bags into bags that can be carried after their original use has faded. Now you can even make a fashion statement when you choose funky nappy bags. A funky bag has a sense of fun. It displays your personality with a distinctive flair. Start with any stylish design and give it your own personal signature. Begin by choosing a bag style that’s a little out of the norm. Take it a step farther by adding an out of the ordinary colour. Add your stamp with accessories that tell a story about you.

For a long time, a diaper bag hung in a straight line from your shoulder. It was often blindingly bright or dismally dull. The fabric was inexpensive or maybe even cheap. Today, all of that is different. Bags have pizzazz. They come in a variety of textures from sail cloth to faux leather and even real leather. Their shapes follow the latest trends. Funky nappy bags take this new look a step farther. They are unexpected. Your unique look might start with a purple barrel bag. Strap on a few mementos of your life. Remember when hanging things from any diaper bag that little fingers will be touching those mementos. Keep the mementos and the little fingers safe.

Applying decals and personal art further personalize your bag. Some retailers sell funky nappy bags already detailed with vintage images. If you’re not sure about making a permanent mark on an expensive bag, colourful vintage scarves can have the same effect. You can also change them out depending upon your mood or the occasion. Consider weaving colourful strands through a woven leather nappy bag. Again, these decorations can be altered in accordance with what you’re wearing or how you’re feeling. Hobo bags and retro doctor’s bags also adapt well to that funky feel. Old fashioned luggage also makes an excellent base for creating a diaper bag that makes a statement.

Carrying a diaper bag doesn’t mean you’ve lost your edge. It means you’ve found a whole new aspect of life. Funky nappy bags are one way to celebrate your status as a mother. Choose a colourful, oddly shaped bag and make it your own with personal flair. Don’t forget though that you truly show your funk with the way you carry yourself and your bag. Walk proudHealth Fitness Articles, you’re a mum.

Written by admin on February 12th, 2015